37-500 Jaroslaw, ul. Morawska 3, POLAND
tel. +48 (016) 621 58 21
tel./fax +48 (016) 621 29 35
email: info@elektromet-jaroslaw.pl

The company was founded in 1950 and since its inception has manufactured metal tools.

Currently we are manufacturing the following products:

  • tools for manual and mechanical wood processing
  • industrial cutters
  • machine components and equipment
  • steel parts for construction

The company exports almost half its production to EU countries, in particular to Germany and Denmark

We also cooperate with many recognised Polish companies within domain of coopertaive services and our products and metal tools can be purchased both in smaller shops and in supermarket chains.

Our manufacturing abilities and potential are as follows:

  • over 60 people employed
  • almost 3000 m2 of the area of manufacturing facilities
  • universal machinery park for full range of metal processing.

All this lets us offer you quality products and services, delivered on time and at competitive prices.

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